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Initializing $.store twice adds duplicate en/decoders #5

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Running the following code:

s = new $.store(); 
s.set('test', {"a":1}); 
console.log('Get 1', s.get('test')); 
s = new $.store(); 
console.log('Get 2', s.get('test')); 

results in

Get 1  Object
              a: 1
SyntaxError: Unexpected token o

This happens because .encoders and .decoders are part of the prototype, and thus globally modified every time new $.store is called.

This is an issue because I am using this in a single page application, and use it in just one model where it's needed (instead of storing a global reference and only initializing once).

@gregmac gregmac added a commit to gregmac/jQuery-store that referenced this issue
@gregmac gregmac Re-initialize encoders and decoders for each instance instead of glob…
…ally (fixes #5)
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