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Fideo project, HTML5 based multisource player for weblectures.
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The Fideo module is a Drupal module that demonstrates the working of the HTML5
based multisource player. It is in beta and does not fully support all
browsers. It's just a prototype. The 2.x version will be based around VideoJS
3.x which will be released soon.

The HTML5 player-part of Fideo is based on VideoJS (, which is
licensed under LGPLv2. It uses Flowplayer as fallback player for browsers that
do not support HTML5 video. Because Flowplayer is included in this version of
the module, it cannot be published under the GPLv2 license (like most Drupal
modules), but is published under the GPLv3 license.

The Fideo project is started as an initiative for an open source videoplayer
for the open source project MediaMosa.

An overhauled and less prototype-like version is in the works, this will be
released in the beginning of 2012.

Developed by One Shoe

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