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GifTastic searches for and displays gifs related to a number of topics. Users are able to enter additional topics.
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Gif-Tastic Gallery

Gif-Tastic Gallery searches the Giphy API based on key words selected by the user. Ten results are displayed for each search. Users may click on images to play/pause the gifs.

See Gif-Tastic Gallery on Github Pages for a live demo.

Image of Gif-Tastic Gallery

Getting Started

Clone the repository locally and open up index.html in your web browser. GifTastic uses the Giphy API to retrieve the gif files. You must be connected to the internet in order for GifTastic to work.

Educational Purpose

I'm building this app to gain some practical experience using jQuery's AJAX method as well as client testing with MochaJS.


There are a small collection of unit tests available by opening /test/index.html. The tests use MochaJS and Chai Javascript libraries by loading them from CDNs. If NodeJS is installed on the local environment, simply run npm test to open the unit tests in the browser.



John Desrosiers


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