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A flash card app to help you study coding concepts.
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A flash card application to help you study coding concepts.


codeDeck is a virtual flash card application which features a deck of flash cards for a particular subject and displays them in a random order. Cards are displayed to the user one by one as the user clicks through them.

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  • Julie Ching
  • John Desrosiers
  • Teddy Hidalgo
  • Philip Ma


Navigate to codeDeck (

On the top right hand corner, click on "Sign On."

Sign on either by entering you First Name, Last Name and Email address and selecting Submit or by signing in with Google Sign In. Once you have signed on, this will direct you to our Decks page where you will be able to view all available decks.

Git is the only deck currently available. Click on the deck and you will be diverted to the review page. On the review page, you will see the first flash card, colored after the topic's logo color. Clicking anywhere on the deck will flip the card over to show the reverse side. There is no limit to the amount of times you can click the card to flip it over. Once you are ready to move on, click on the "Next" button.

You will notice that there are three Wikipedia extracts related to the topic of the current flash card under the section labeled "Need Additional Resources? Check these out!" Click on the bolded word to view the additional resource in a different browser tab while keeping your place in the deck.

Once you have completed the full deck, you will see three Giphy images for encouragement! You can either click any black space or the "X" on the top right to exit. Once you have exited the Giphy, you have the ability to click on "Reset" to reshuffle the cards and have another review.

Otherwise, you would be able to click on "Deck" on the top right hand corner to go back to view all the available decks or you can click, "Log Off" to go back to the home page. Please be advised once you are logged off, you will not be able to navigate to any page directly without signing in.

If you wish to contact the sit administrator with questions or feedback, you can locate "Contact" on the top right hand. Just click on it, complete the form, and click submit.

You may go back to the home page anytime by selecting "codeDeck (spade image)" on the top left hand corner; however, know that this will not log you out completely and you will be able to select the back button on your browser to return to the previous page.

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