GleezCMS - A Light, Simple, Flexible Content Management System based on Kohana Framework
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What Is Gleez CMS?

GleezCMS is a user-friendly website content management system. With GleezCMS you can easily build dynamic websites within a matter of minutes with just the click of your mouse! Maintain your web content, navigation and even limit what groups or specific users can access, from anywhere in the world with just a web browser!

With an emphasis on security and functionality, GleezCMS is a professional and robust system suitable for any business or organization website. Built on the PHP programming language and the MySQL database, GleezCMS delivers superb performance on any size website.

Gleez CMS uses Kohana 3.2 as its foundational framework!

Kohana 3 is an HMVC(Hierarchical Model View Controller) framework written on PHP that lets developers create web applications easier and faster. Perhaps you've heard of the MVC architectural pattern. Frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and many others use MVC. Kohana 3 is a little different because it is using the HMVC pattern. HMVC is deemed as the "logical" evolution of MVC. HMVC can be quickly described as an MVC that can have children MVC's.

What is Gleez then?

Kohana 3 is a lean and mean framework, it does nothing else but to provide developers with libraries and simple, non-restrictive patterns that make building web applications faster and easier than many other frameworks. Gleez is simply a module for Kohana 3. It mainly provides the user interfaces(GUI) and libraries, and some additional conventions to easily manage a website system.

Gleez provides the user interface to manage many aspects of a website like the following:

  • Website Navigation and Web Pages
  • Users, User Groups, and Permissions
  • Contents or Articles for News or Blogging
  • Content Categories
  • Content Blocks or Widgets
  • Extensions, Modules or Plugins
  • Themes and Layouts
  • Other Details like SEO, Media, etc.

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