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Elections prototype based on mediascape

Vicomtech-IK4 is leading a prototype about a live TV show with elections, where the user will be able to consume across multiple devices different cameras, vote counting information, etc.

You could see the video demonstration here: [IMAGE ALT TEXT HERE] (

Prototype Description

This project is based on mediascape libraries. Mediascape is an European project that aims to simplify the development of multi device interconnected and synchronized applications. For more information you could check the project webpage. This is a demostration of the capabilities that mediascape library offers. The base of the demostration is a basque country elections live version. We recorded all information on the last basque country elections in other to replay-ed anytime. This prototype offers 5 different synchronized cameras located on different political-party home, and one more camera that is an EITB (basque broadcaster) emision. Also, offers a radio broadcaster signal synchronized with all content.Futhermore, it includes a twitter comments related with the content of the multimedia content and some twitter content analysis displaying on a map. Data related to elections is displayed on different panels, which are synchronized with the live content.

Deploy the Prototype

It is based on Node and mongodb, first it necessary to install nodejs and mongodb:

Install nodejs:

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Install mongodb:

sudo apt-get install -y mongodb

Download source:

git clone

Install dependecies:

cd election
sudo npm install

Create log folder:

mkdir log

initialize server:

sudo nodejs index.js --max-old-space-size=8192

To access to application just open chrome/firefox with the following URL:


*** Note, it uses port 80, so may need to stop other webserver may be listening on that port.

Media files are not part of this repository, those file could be downloaded from this url and save them on this folder: www/resource/media/

For Developers

Whether your interest is to make changes it would be appropriate not use minified version, so you must change the index.html file:


<script  src=""></script>
<script async src="../resources/libs/require.js"></script>
<script src="../resources/libs/loadingPanel.js"></script>
<script async src="js/mediascape.js"></script>

<script async src="dist/multideviceapplib.min.js"></script>

A this point, the source that runs this apps, you could find it at www/js folder.

Minifying code

Just install require node library:

sudo npm install -g require

Run the following code on the www folder:

r.js -o build.js

This will genetare multideviceapplib.min.js at dist/ folder. On production, it is recommend to use this file. Remeber to uncomment and comment the right lines on index.html.

Prototype Structure

/ : Node source folder
/www/: web application resources.
/www/js: web app source.
/www/resources/: css, externals libs, config files, webcomponents ...
/www/resources/wcs/ webcomponents folder
/wwww/resources/configPanel Control panel to manage webcompoents and differents devices, developed only for this prototype.

Important: Since web browsers have an limitation of concurrent sockets per domain, it is extremely recommended split the different videos on different domains or different web servers, in order to have the best performance.

HBBTV Branch

This prototype is also compatible with Hbbtv standard, it can be found under hbbtv_version branch . The roadmap is to merge both versions in the short-term future.