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#ifndef _SFMREGISTRY_H // duplication check
#include <common.h>
#include <kcplantdb.h>
#include <kccompress.h>
#include <logger.h>
#include <instrumentation.h>
using namespace std;
using namespace kyototycoon;
namespace superfastmatch{
//Forward Declarations
class Posting;
class Document;
class DocumentManager;
class AssociationManager;
class QueueManager;
// Interface class for easy mocking in tests
class Registry{
virtual bool isClosing()=0;
// Settings
virtual uint32_t getHashWidth() const=0;
virtual uint32_t getHashMask() const=0;
virtual uint32_t getWindowSize() const=0;
virtual uint32_t getPostingWindowSize() const=0;
virtual uint32_t getWhiteSpaceThreshold() const=0;
virtual uint32_t getWhiteSpaceHash(bool posting=true) const=0;
virtual uint32_t getThreadCount() const=0;
virtual uint32_t getSlotCount() const=0;
virtual size_t getPageSize() const=0;
virtual size_t getNumResults() const=0;
virtual size_t getMaxLineLength() const=0;
virtual size_t getMaxHashCount() const=0;
virtual size_t getMaxBatchCount() const=0;
virtual size_t getMaxPostingThreshold() const=0;
virtual size_t getMaxDistance() const=0;
virtual double getTimeout() const=0;
virtual string getDataPath() const=0;
virtual string getPublicPath() const=0;
virtual string getAddress() const=0;
virtual uint32_t getPort() const=0;
virtual bool isDaemonized() const=0;
virtual string getLogFile() const=0;
// Instrumentation
virtual InstrumentGroupPtr getInstrumentGroup(const int32_t group)=0;
// DB's
virtual uint32_t getMode()=0;
virtual kc::PolyDB* getQueueDB()=0;
virtual kc::PolyDB* getPayloadDB()=0;
virtual kc::PolyDB* getDocumentDB()=0;
virtual kc::PolyDB* getMetaDB()=0;
virtual kc::PolyDB* getOrderedMetaDB()=0;
virtual kc::PolyDB* getAssociationDB()=0;
virtual kc::PolyDB* getMiscDB()=0;
// Common bits - these might not belong here!
virtual TemplateCache* getTemplateCache()=0;
virtual Logger* getLogger()=0;
virtual Posting* getPostings()=0;
virtual DocumentManager* getDocumentManager()=0;
virtual AssociationManager* getAssociationManager()=0;
virtual QueueManager* getQueueManager()=0;
// Display
virtual void fillPerformanceDictionary(TemplateDictionary* dict)=0;
virtual void fillStatusDictionary(TemplateDictionary* dict)=0;
class FlagsRegistry : public Registry
kc::PolyDB* queueDB_;
kc::PolyDB* payloadDB_;
kc::PolyDB* documentDB_;
kc::PolyDB* metaDB_;
kc::PolyDB* orderedMetaDB_;
kc::PolyDB* associationDB_;
kc::PolyDB* miscDB_;
TemplateCache* templates_;
Logger* logger_;
Posting* postings_;
DocumentManager* documentManager_;
AssociationManager* associationManager_;
QueueManager* queueManager_;
vector<InstrumentGroupPtr> instruments_;
bool isClosing_;
bool isClosing();
void close();
enum InstrumentGroups{
uint32_t getHashWidth() const;
uint32_t getHashMask() const;
uint32_t getWindowSize() const;
uint32_t getPostingWindowSize() const;
uint32_t getWhiteSpaceThreshold() const;
uint32_t getWhiteSpaceHash(bool masked=true) const;
uint32_t getThreadCount() const;
uint32_t getSlotCount() const;
size_t getPageSize() const;
size_t getNumResults() const;
size_t getMaxLineLength() const;
size_t getMaxHashCount() const;
size_t getMaxBatchCount() const;
size_t getMaxPostingThreshold() const;
size_t getMaxDistance() const;
string getDataPath() const;
string getPublicPath() const;
string getAddress() const;
uint32_t getPort() const;
double getTimeout() const;
bool isDaemonized() const;
string getLogFile() const;
InstrumentGroupPtr getInstrumentGroup(const int32_t group);
uint32_t getMode();
kc::PolyDB* getQueueDB();
kc::PolyDB* getPayloadDB();
kc::PolyDB* getDocumentDB();
kc::PolyDB* getMetaDB();
kc::PolyDB* getOrderedMetaDB();
kc::PolyDB* getAssociationDB();
kc::PolyDB* getMiscDB();
TemplateCache* getTemplateCache();
Logger* getLogger();
Posting* getPostings();
DocumentManager* getDocumentManager();
AssociationManager* getAssociationManager();
QueueManager* getQueueManager();
void fillStatusDictionary(TemplateDictionary* dict);
void fillPerformanceDictionary(TemplateDictionary* dict);
bool openDatabases();
void fillDbDictionary(TemplateDictionary* dict, kc::PolyDB* db, const string name);
void status(std::ostream& s, kc::PolyDB* db);
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