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Agenda & Minutes - 2019-07-18 Board Meeting

I. Agenda

  1. Review and approval of the Bylaws
  2. Review of website and PubPub
  3. Election of Officers
  4. Election of Academic Advisory Board members
  5. Appointment of Director
  6. Review and approval of Privacy Policy
  7. Review and approval of Open Access Principles
  8. Review of finances
  9. Review of semi-annual plan
    • Formalize PubPub instance
    • Formalize and assemble Academic Advisory Board
    • Launch Open Access Readers series
    • Launch Public Domain series
    • Launch Media Studies in Public (once a week)
    • Form Editorial Board and operational process History of Media Studies
    • Formulate annual operational cost estimates
    • Provide initial report on sustainability options

II. Minutes

July 18, 2019 3:00-4:00pm EDT

Present: Jefferson Pooley, John L. Sullivan, David W. Park

1) Approval of Bylaws

  • All members reviewed the bylaws and the structure of the organization.
  • Bylaws were unanimously approved by the Board.

2) Overview of

  • Jeff Pooley reviewed the website with the other members and discussed the key issues behind the structure of the organization, such as: no author fees, open access, versioning, and transparency.
  • Jeff Pooley began a technical document about the process for creating an open access press system like this one.
  • The PubPub platform was introduced: MIT Media Lab is in a joint project with MIT Press. It's meant to be an alternative to scholarly publishing. This is hosted by MIT as well.
  • Jeff originally started with Manifold, Janeway, and Wordpress all on Digital Ocean instances.
  • Jeff and Dave will also use this to launch a "low volume" History of Media Studies journal
  • Two initial goals = (1) public domain reprint; (2) open access reader (using found material)

3) Election of Officers

  • Jeff Pooley self-nominated to be the President; it was seconded by Dave Park. Jeff Pooley was elected President unanimously.
  • Dave Park was noinated as Vice President. It was seconded by Jeff Pooley. Dave Park was elected as the Vice President unanimously.
  • John Sullivan was nominated to be the Treasurer. It was seconded. John Sullivan was elected to be the Treasurer unanimously.

4) Privacy Policy

  • The privacy policy was discussed and approved unanimously by the Board.

5) Open Access Principles

  • The Board discussed the draft open access principles on the website and also discussed whether they should vote to affirm these principles.
  • Jeff Pooley moved to approve the principles with the idea that these would be revisited in the January 2020 meeting.
  • The open access principles were unanimously approved by the Board as written.

6) Finances

  • The main expenses were the co-working space in Bethlehem, PA for Jeff, followed by the Digital Ocean instance, and finally Zapier (and other softare charges). Jeff noted that he is committed to funding it through its current needs.

7) Review the Semi-Annual Plan

  • Formalize the PubPub instance
  • Formalize and assempble an Academic Advisory Board; expectation of reviewing 1-2 manuscript proposals per year.
  • Launch Open Access Reader Series
  • Launch Public Domain Series - a full book by January 2020
  • Launch Media Studies in Public (once a week); similar to Idealis ( of something that is public-facing but it doesn't necessarily have to be open access (just public-facing, including even metered paywalled material).
  • Form Editorial Board and operational process for History of Media Studies
  • Formulate annual operational cost estimates for the future; over time we will be able to give a better estimate for this.
  • Provide an initial report on sustainability options.

8) What are the anticipated sources for revenue for this organization?

  • A direct partnership with a university library (possibly with Annenberg)
  • Library consortium model where libraries pay into an open access fund
  • Jeff has approached Mellon Foundation about funding something like this and they indicated that they do not fund operations like this.

9) Academic Advisory Board

  • Dave Park was nominated to be on the Academic Advisory Board. John Sullivan seconded the nomination. Dave Park was voted unanimously to be on the Academic Advisory Board.
  • John Sullivan mentioned the possibility of reposting recent published works from authors who have obtained agreements from those publishers to release their books under a Creative Commons license.
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