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Agenda & Minutes - 2020-01-10 Board Meeting

I. Agenda

  1. Review and approval of updated Open Access Principles
  2. Election of new Officer (Tim Elfenbein)
  3. Update on PubPub platform
  4. Update on Academic Advisory Board
  5. Review of current finances
  6. Review of 2020 Budget
  7. Review of 2020 Plan

II. Minutes

2020-01-10 2pm - 3pm EDT

Present: Jeff Pooley (JP), David Park (DP), and John Sullivan (JS).

Meeting called to order 2:01pm

1. Approval of updated Open Access Principles

  • The updated OA Principles were approved unanimously

2. Election of new Officer (Tim Elfenbein)

  • JP described Elfenbein's background and interest, and nominated him to join the Board
  • Elfenbein was elected to the Board unanimously

3. Update on PubPub platform

  • JP described vision to move from WordPress to PubPub, on the as-yet unveiled Organization tier
  • JP described estimated pricing for small nonprofits, given two Communities (one for singles, the other for History of Media Studies)
  • JP provided update on the need to maintain CrossRef membership ($275/year), since PubPub will only provide 100 DOIs annual for free, and recommends maintaining membership. Existing PubPub DOIs will be transferred.

4. Update on Academic Advisory Board

  • The following nominees were presented:
    • Juan Alperin
    • Tim Elfenbein
    • Martin Eve
    • Kathleen Fitzpatrick
    • Eileen Joy
    • Andreas Kirchner
    • David Park
    • Travis Rich
    • Michael Roy
    • Jeroen Sondervan
    • Carol Stabile
    • Sarah Wipperman
  • The Advisory Board members were elected unanimously

5. Review of current finances and 2020 Budget

  • JP discussed the current state of finances
  • JP committed to donating $5,000 in 2020.
  • JS suggested a future budgeting line open for "administrative costs" that could include the co-working space.

6. Review of 2020 Plan

  • JP outlined the plan
  • JS suggested considering a book series and external book series editor to address the editorial mission issues (alongside the two existing series)
  • Board discussed preservation issues, including LOCKSS and multimedia limitations
  • Board discussed library partnerships
  • JS suggested print-on-demand
  • Note: The plan has since been updated to incorporate some of these suggestions.

Meeting ended 3:07pm

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