Tools for parsing and querying Wikimedia Foundation pageview data from both static dumps and the online API.
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Wikimedia Foundation Pageview Tools

This project is a collection of tools used to parse and query Wikimedia Foundation pageview data, from both static dumps and the online API.


pip install mwviews

pageview API

from mwviews.api import PageviewsClient

# Sends a descriptive User-Agent header with every request
p = PageviewsClient(user_agent="<> Selfie, Cat, and Dog analysis")

p.article_views('en.wikipedia', ['Selfie', 'Cat', 'Dog'])
p.project_views(['ro.wikipedia', 'de.wikipedia', 'commons.wikimedia'])
p.top_articles('en.wikipedia', limit=10)
p.article_views('en.wikipedia', ['Selfie', 'Cat'], granularity='monthly', start='20160201', end='20160331')

# Feel free to add your own features in pull requests!

When querying for multiple articles and multiple projects the client uses ThreadPoolExecutor to parallelize. You can set the level of parallelism when you instantiate the client like p = PageviewsClient(10).