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The OpenCms plugin for IntelliJ provides tools needed for OpenCms module development and deployment. It started out as a mere syncing tool (actually the plugin originally was a sync tool for Fatwire ContentServer, now Oracle WebCenter Sites) and additional features like publishing and meta data handling have been integrated throughout 2013 and 2014.


  • Integration of OpenCms menus in:
    • the main menu
    • the project popup menu
    • the editor popup menu
    • the editor tab popup menu
  • Integration of menu actions to sync files and folders between your local file system and the OpenCms VFS
  • Integration of menu actions to start OpenCms direct publish sessions for files and folders right from your IDE
  • Integration of menu actions to generate manifest.xml files for your modules
  • Integration of menu actions to package module zips that can be imported into OpenCms
  • Integration of menu actions to import module zips to the local OpenCms instance
  • Supports three different sync modes that can be configured for each module:
    • PUSH: Local file system is master
    • SYNC: Changes are synced depending on the file or resource date
    • PULL: The OpenCms VFS is master
  • Automatic publishing of file changes (configurable)
  • Automatic pulls of resource meta data (e.g. properties) from OpenCms and stores it in the local file system
  • Since the OpenCms CMIS interface is used, only OpenCms 8.5 and above are supported

User Guide

Basic Concepts
Plugin Components (Menus and Tool Window)
Usage Hints

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