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v0.2.1 -- 2011.08.08
* Use process.nextTick instead of setTimeout if available
v0.2.0 -- 2011.08.08
* Renamed 'chain' dir into 'join' as it's more about joining promises
* promise is now promise.then function (promise === promise.then)
* resolve returns promise, handful for quick function returns (return d.resolve(x))
* syncToPromise function
* Compatibility with es5-ext v0.6
* Test with TAD
v0.1.2 -- 2011.07.11
* Make it possible to use it with older JavaScript implementations
* Removed dead code
* Better tests coverage
v0.1.1 -- 2011.07.07
* Documentation
v0.1.0 -- 2011.07.05
* Initial version
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