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v0.3.0 -- 2012.01.08
Major update:
* Revised promise collections approach:
There's no longer all, join & first functions.
Instead we may use deferred for grouping promises: deferred(p1, p2, p3)
or use map or reduce extensions e.g., readFile). See
documentation for more info
* Introduced promise extensions.
* cb - end promise chain with regular asynchronous callback
* get - get property of resolved object
* invoke - invoke function on resolved object (supports both synchronous and
asynchrouns functions)
* map - promise aware version of Array's map
* match - match result array to function arguments
* reduce promise aware version of Array's reduce
* Replaced asyncToPromise (used as a2p or ba2p) and syncToPromise (used as s2p
or bs2p) with 'promisify', it works as 'bind' version for both asynchronous
and synchrounous functions and is available on deferred as deferred.promisify.
It has also been improved to support asynchronous functions that return more
than one value.
* Rewritten internal logic. Currently promises are backed with _base object
which is different for resolved and unresolved promises
* Removed nextTick rule, now new event loops are introduced by deferred.
* Unresolved promises can now be tracked via deferred.MONITOR
* valueOf promise function. Returns self promise if unresolved and resolved
value if resolved
* isPromise returns true only for deferred's like promise, as deferred api
diverged from other promises implementations api it's no open anymore to work
with foreign promises - it wouldn't work.
* Exposed 'isPromise' & 'delay' function on deferred
v0.2.6 -- 2011.12.12
* Cleared npm warning for misnamed property in package.json
v0.2.5 -- 2011.11.08
* Fix for bug introduced with node.js >= 0.5.7 ( )
v0.2.4 -- 2011.08.09
* Expose 'promise' function on deferred object returned by index.js.
There are valid use cases for using it outside of deferred lib
v0.2.3 -- 2011.08.09
* 'delay' function: delay execution of given function,
return promise for function result
v0.2.2 -- 2011.08.08
* Added TAD test suite to devDependencies, configured test commands.
Tests can be run with 'make test' or 'npm test'
v0.2.1 -- 2011.08.08
* Use process.nextTick instead of setTimeout if available
v0.2.0 -- 2011.08.08
* Renamed 'chain' dir into 'join' as it's more about joining promises
* promise is now promise.then function (promise === promise.then)
* resolve returns promise, handful for quick function returns
(return d.resolve(x))
* syncToPromise function
* Compatibility with es5-ext v0.6
* Test with TAD
v0.1.2 -- 2011.07.11
* Make it possible to use it with older JavaScript implementations
* Removed dead code
* Better tests coverage
v0.1.1 -- 2011.07.07
* Documentation
v0.1.0 -- 2011.07.05
* Initial version
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