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v0.2.4 -- 2017.03.15
* Fix race condition issues in readdir and mkdir
* Fix desciptor limiter for Node.js at v1.2 and greater
* In descriptor limiter aside of EMFILE errors handle also ENFILE errors
* Support cross device rename
v0.2.3 -- 2015.09.14
* Fix error handling in rmdir
v0.2.2 -- 2015.09.10
* Add `appendFile`
* Implement `intermediate` option support for `copy`
* Implement `dirFilter` option support for `readdir`
* Implement `intermediate` option support for `rename`
* Assure that on files copy mode is preserved
* Fix writeFile so override of mode is supported
* Improve and generalise descriptors handler logic
* Fix spelling of LICENSE
* Configure lint scripts
v0.2.1 -- 2014.04.27
* Update package.json to use latest 'tad' engine (fixes tests evaluation in v0.8)
v0.2.0 -- 2014.04.27
* Move out main modules out of lib folder
* 'loose' option for rmdir
* 'loose' option for unlink
* 'intermediate' option for writeFile
* Fix race condition issues in readdir
* Fix `unwatch` call in watchAlt
* Add fs.rename
* Add fs.symlink
* Update internals to use latest versions of dependencies
* Remove Makefile, it's cross environment package
* Update documentation
v0.1.5 -- 2013.04.10
* Improve stream and error handling in `copy`
* Promise version of fs.stat
v0.1.4 -- 2013.02.08
* Fix error handling in copy
* Improve copy by allowing to pass options to underlying fs.createWriteStream
v0.1.3 -- 2013.02.08
* Fix callback support in readdir
* Improved error handling in findRoot
* Added missing Licence (MIT)
v0.1.2 -- 2013.01.16
* Promise version of rmdir with recursive and force options
* Promise versions of lstat, chmod, lchmod, unlink
* Fix global and relative rules matching in isIgnored
* Use primitive memoization for isIgnored map
v0.1.1 -- 2012.10.04
* Fixed few race condition cases
* Better lock logic in _watch
* Fix readdir test for Windows
* Better error message in readFile
v0.1.0 -- 2012.10.04
Initial version (derived from next package)