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IRC email notifications (keywords/phrases mentions)

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IRC-Notifier – IRC email notificactions

Great way of being notified when given phrase or keyword is mentioned on irc


Install irc-notifier

$ npm install irc-notifier

Setup config.json

See config.example.json for base template. Options:

  • smtp - Mail transport configuration
    • host string - Host url
    • auth - Authentication credentials
      • user string - Username
      • pass strng - Password
    • from string Email address to be put into from field
    • to string Email address at which notifications should arrive
  • irc - IRC configuration, each child object is configuration for each server on which we want to listen. Key is server address, value provides configuration where:
    • user string Bot nickname (make sure it's unique)
    • channels - Each child object is configuration for each channel, where key is channel name and value is array of keywords of which we want to be notified

Start notifier

$ npm start
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