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v0.3.39 -- 2015.03.20
* Fix error handling in shell script
* Improve documentation
v0.3.38 -- 2015.02.17
* Support source maps in direct transforms. Fix #51
* Improve documentation
v0.3.37 -- 2015.02.10
* Fix programmatical support for 'name' and 'amd' options.
* Improve documentation
* Fix spelling of License
v0.3.36 -- 2014.10.15
* Implement `transform` option, that allows to run transforms for each module. Fixes #47
* Configure lint scripts
v0.3.35 -- 2014.07.06
* Fix input path resolution in case of non package path. Fixes #46
v0.3.34 -- 2014.06.27
* Improve input streams support. Fixes #45
v0.3.33 -- 2014.05.27
* Comment out eventual shebang. We should support modules that are made executable for *nix
v0.3.32 -- 2014.05.07
* Support all types and extensions in includes option (Fixes #42)
v0.3.31 -- 2014.05.02
* Support input from stdin (Fixes #41)
v0.3.30 -- 2014.04.28
* Move out main module from lib folder
* Update to use latest versions of dependencies
* Remove Makefile (it's environment agnostic project)
v0.3.29 -- 2014.04.04
* Fix handling of not found module of outer package
v0.3.28 -- 2014.03.27
* Support optional requires.
Optional require must be wrapped in try/catch clause and on that basis it's
v0.3.27 -- 2014.03.06
* Fallback to environment provided `require` (if it exists), in case of import
of not bundled package. This opens the door to execute bundles in Node.js
environment (#36).
v0.3.26 -- 2014.01.29
* Provide ``. It appears it's used within some scripts. (#35)
v0.3.25 -- 2013.12.04
* `useStrict` option to enfore strict mode
* Improve documentation
* Run client-side resolver in strict mode if supported
v0.3.24 -- 2013.11.29
* Silence native modules require errors with `ignoreErrors` option (#32)
v0.3.23 -- 2013.11.06
* Support source maps provided separately (not with the code) by extensions
* Document option output argument
v0.3.22 -- 2013.11.06
* Fix sourceURL mapping when combined with extensions. Fix #30
Great thanks to Simon Williams (@SystemParadox) for reporting the issue and
help with sorting it out
v0.3.21 -- 2013.10.28
* Make `<output>` optional in binary script. If `<output>` not provided, output
generated bundle to stdout. Fix #29
* Improve syntax error handling
* Improve documentation
v0.3.20 -- 2013.08.21
* (Critical) Fix partial path resolution issue
* Update context configuration for loadCSS test
* Update dependencies to latest versions
* Improve documentation
v0.3.19 -- 2013.06.21
* CSS as native type
* HTML as native type
* Support extensions passed programmatically
* Significantly improved extensions handling and files resolution order
* Better documentation
* Fix double file read issue (minor, affected only input modules)
* Update sourceURL syntax (replace '@' with '#')
* Improve error message
v0.3.18 -- 2013.06.05
* Allow asynchronous compilation of extensions
* `prettyOutput` option through which we can prevent corrected indentation of
output. When bound to process that's a memory hog, indentation can
noticeably slow down generation of a bundle.
* Provide information about Webassmble tool in documentation
v0.3.17 -- 2013.05.20
* Provide `ignoreErrors` options, so requiring packages that pass dynamicaly
generated paths to require calls is possible.
* Simplify internal logic with help of memoizee package
v0.3.16 -- 2013.05.15
Nearly *major* update
* JSON files support
* Support for custom formats via extensions (in parallel to this update
extensions for YAML and CoffeeScript are published).
* Improved relative module resolution so it's on pair with Node.js design
(there were corner case where resolution result differed).
* Introduce optional caching mechanism for repeated bundle generation.
If request file has not been modified since last read its content and
calculated dependencies list are taken from a cache. When used, speeds up
Webmake around x2, and even more if used with extensions.
* Improve error messages on unsupported require calls
v0.3.15 -- 2013.04.08
Minor improvements:
* Meaningful error when run with unsupported Node engine
* Better error interface for Module not Found error on client-side
* Expose compilation time on returned promise object
* Improve native module require error message (so it points path to source file)
v0.3.14 -- 2012.12.08
* Improve path resolution (omit findRoot call in straightforward cases)
* Fix support for partially broken circular dependencies
* Improve client-side resolution mechanism
v0.3.13 -- 2012.11.09
* Expose parts of internal API for better configurability
* Demand Node v0.8 at least as we depend on fs2 (for v0.6 support use v0.3.11)
v0.3.12 -- 2012.10.05
* Add 'name' and 'amd' options. Bundle can now be directly exposed
in global (or AMD) namespace
* Update dependencies to its latest versions
* Improve documentation
v0.3.11 -- 2012.07.20
* Support browser polyfills for Node.js modules. Such modules should be placed
in node_modules folder to be picked up by Webmake
* Fix small resolution bug of "." path, it caused bundling same module twice
v0.3.10 -- 2012.07.20
* Fix resolution of main path when working outside of package scope
v0.3.9 -- 2012.07.02
* Fix bug related to external package resolution (affected only Node v0.8)
v0.3.8 -- 2012.06.13
* Webmake function is now hybrid it accepts a callback and returns promise
* Great documentation improvements from Jaap Roes
* Update up to v0.8 branch of es5-ext and v0.5 branch of deferred
* package.json now in npm friendly format
* It's safe to use optimist at v0.3
v0.3.7 -- 2012.03.22
* Input paths resolution now works properly in all cases (on both *nix and
* Require paths resolution logic is now aware of current system separator type,
this makes webmake 100% ready for both systems (*nix and windows)..
* Handling of current and parent directory index requires (e.g. './' or '../')
* Handling of paths with trailing slash (e.g. './path/') where both file
and directory is present (e.g. ./path.js and ./path/)
v0.3.6 -- 2012.02.23
* Replace rudimentary require calls parser with solid and fast solution -
find-requires module
* Add support for sourcemaps
v0.3.5 -- 2012.02.12
* Fixed resolution of paths ended with slash (client side logic didn't handle
that properly)
* Cleanup and from now on maintain code with JSLint
v0.3.4 -- 2012.01.22
* Now programmatically webmake can write output file (before it was just
returning content)
* Byte order mark awareness
* Pack properly modules without EOL at EOF
* Better 'require' calls parser (but still primitive)
* Allow more input files via options
* More efficient parser
* Generate modules tree always in alphabetical order (diff friendly)
* Better error messages
* Support for packing programs that are not in package context
* Take out parser as separate module, thanks to that, more can be done
* Use '.js' in paths, without that e.g. dir 'foo' collided with 'foo.js' module
* Webmake template now safe for old JS implementations that doesn't support
indexes on strings
* Windows support
* Travis CI Configuration
v0.3.3 -- 2011.08.12
Meaningful error when requiring one of node's specific modules
v0.3.2 -- 2011.08.12
Fixes, following now works:
* Require paths ending with js file extension
* Requiring modules from packages that not have main module
* Update up to es5-ext@0.6.2
v0.3.1 -- 2011.08.11
* Fixed links in package.json (rename aftermath)
v0.3.0 -- 2011.08.11
* Rewritten whole logic with help of promises
* Packages support (!)
* webmake function now takes only input path parameter and returns source
code as result. Shell binary still takes input and output paths as arguments
* Binary is now visible in PATH (when installed globally via npm)
* Better documentation
* Makefile
* Tests configured for TAD suite
v0.2.2 -- 2011.07.20
* Renamed to webmake
* Support for modules located in upper paths than program, it didn't work (!)
* Shell (/bin) script
v0.2.1 -- 2011.05.11
* Fixed assignment error
* Documentation improvements
v0.2.0 -- 2011.05.05
Use widely accepted convention for error handling. Callback passed to webbuild()
will now be called with error (if any) as first argument, and result as second.
v0.1.1 -- 2011.05.04
Meta data: more details in package.json
v0.1.0 -- 2011.05.04
Initial version
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