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v1.0.0 -- 2016.06.09
* In case MutationObserver based solution ensure all callbacks are propagated
even if any on the way crashes (fixes #3)
* Support older engines (as IE8) which see typeof setTimeout as 'object'
* Fix spelling of LICENSE
* Configure lint scripts
v0.2.2 -- 2014.04.18
- Do not rely on es5-ext's valid-callable. Replace it with simple internal function
- In MutationObserver fallback rely on text node instead of attribute and assure
mutation event is invoked by real change of data
v0.2.1 -- 2014.02.24
- Fix case in import path
v0.2.0 -- 2014.02.24
- Assure microtask resultion if MutationObserver is available (thanks @Raynos) #1
- Unify validation of callback. TypeError is throw for any non callable input
- Move main module from `lib` to root directory
- Improve documentation
- Remove Makefile (it's environment agnostic pacakge)
v0.1.0 -- 2012.08.29