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v0.2.3 -- 2015.06.08
* Ignore by default 'examples' folder
* Update up to changes in cli-color
v0.2.2 -- 2015.03.14
* Fix index resolution, so it's not affected by Symbol polyfill workaround
v0.2.1 -- 2015.01.22
* Make assertion messages optional. If message is not provided line and
column number of assertion is provided instead
* Fix issue in assert headings resolution
* Configure lint scripts
* Fix LICENSE spelling
v0.2.0 -- 2014.04.27
* Move lib/suite.js so it's index.js module
* Remove special handling for `lib` module
* Cleanup organization of modules in lib folder
* Update internals to use latest versions of dependencies
* Remove Makefile (it's environment agnostic project)
v0.1.21 -- 2014.02.18
* Support NaN comparision in assert.strictEqual
* Support CONSTANT_NAME convention for index validation
v0.1.20 -- 2013.10.25
* `h1`, `h2`, `h3`, `h4`, `h5`, `h6` methods on assert, which allow inline
customization of message prefixes
v0.1.19 -- 2013.09.02
* Workaround for [test package issue](
of no support for Object.create(null) objects
v0.1.18 -- 2013.08.28
* Fix optional context handling in indexTest
* Better error reporting in case of not compliant text configurations
v0.1.17 -- 2013.08.08
* Fix context in smart index tests
* Ignore rules handling (provided via .testignore files)
* Ignore specific (test, node_modules etc.) folders in index resolution
* Fix leading path resolution (minor)
* Internal logic improvements
* Lint cleanup
v0.1.16 -- 2013.05.15
* Smart resolution of testable modules if TAD run on main package folder
v0.1.15 -- 2013.03.14
* Fix path resolution (bug exposed with Node v0.10)
v0.1.14 -- 2013.03.11
* Support error.code in assert.throws
* Add missing licence file
* Fix error stringification for console output
v0.1.13 -- 2013.01.10
* Ignore test folder if tad run on main package folder
v0.1.12 -- 2012.10.11
* Support modules that export `null`
v0.1.11 -- 2012.10.04
* Maintenance:
* Update to latest versions of dependencies
* Convention and lint cleanup
* Print long stack traces on error
* When testing index content do not take into account directories
staring with '_'
v0.1.10 -- 2012.08.06
* Removed descriptor usage from logger, it caused error on Node v0.6
in v0.2 branch of event-emitter package (V8 bug)
v0.1.9 -- 2012.06.13
* Depend on v0.5 release of deferred
v0.1.8 -- 2012.05.28
* Do not allow install on pre v0.6.6 Node.js version
* Configure binary as binary in package.json
v0.1.7 -- 2012.05.28
* Fix name (from path) resolution
* npm friendly package.json
* Exit process at actual process exit (before we forced exit of process right
after tests were completed, that forced exit not finished background
* Update es5-ext to latest (v0.8) version
v0.1.6 -- 2012.03.22
* Correct input paths handling (should be bulletproof on both *nix and windows)
* JSLint code validation
v0.1.5 -- 2012.01.22
* Better diff on deep asserts error notifications
* Update dependencies to newest version
* Travis CI configuration
v0.1.4 -- 2012.01.05
* Index test now accepts ignores list
v0.1.3 -- 2011.12.22
* Windows support (small fix: use process.cwd() instead of process.env.PWD)
v0.1.2 -- 2011.12.22
* Proper exit codes
* When checking index consistency ignore filenames prefixed with '_'
v0.1.1 -- 2011.12.22
* Custom scopes are now searched up tree
v0.1.0 -- 2011.08.08
* Initial version
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