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Write to InfluxDB using UDP.
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Write to InfluxDB using its UDP interface.

When to use this

  • When you need to write frequently and quickly
  • When the speed of writes is more important than their reliability
  • When you would use statsd, but you need to store more than simple numeric data

When not to use this

  • If you need to read from InfluxDB
  • When you need to be absolutely certain every write has succeeded
  • If you want any confirmation from InfluxDB whatsoever

Where to get this

npm install --save influx-udp

How to use this

Configure InfluxDB for UDP:

var InfluxUdp = require('influx-udp');

var influxClient = new InfluxUdp({
    port: 4444,
    host: ''

var data = {
    visitors: [
            ip: '',
            username: 'harrison'
            ip: '',
            username: 'shawn'


/* Sends this, which will put two points into the "visitors" time series:
        "name": "visitors",
        "columns": ["ip", "username"],
        "points": [
            ["", "harrison"],
            ["", "shawn"]
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