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It's like ERB, but in clojure!
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It's like ERB, but in clojure!


Clerb can be used both as a standalone and as a library. The standalone takes in the name of a file, parses the contents of that file and outputs the parsed template to stdout.

=> git clone
=> lein uberjar
=> java -jar target/clerb-0.1-standalone.jar test/tpl/core.clerb
this is a test

The library can be included in your project.clj by adding [org.clojars.mediocregopher/clerb "0.2"] to your dependencies, and included using (use 'clerb.core).

There are two public methods: clerb-string/1, which takes in a string, and clerb-file/1, which takes in the name of a file as a string. Both return the string representation of the parsed clerb template that was passed in.


Clerb templates are similar to ERB templates in usage. Given a normal text file, clerb will go through the text file and find the pattern #( ... )#. If found it will process whatever's enclosed using load-string, with any stdout output being put in-place. For example

This is a normal text file

1 + 2 = #(print (+ 1 2))#

Basic math!

The #( ... )# pattern doesn't output the return value from the load-string, so you can use it for side-effects:

#(require 'some.library)#

This library does: #(print (some-library-method :foo :bar :baz))#

You can use ##( ... )## to implicitly wrap the contents in a print statement.

1 + 2 = ##(+ 1 2)##

If you want to not have clerb process #( ... )# or ##( ... )## patterns as clojure statements, prefix them with a backslash: \#( ... )# or \##( ... )##

Current Status/Limitations

clerb is currently in a state of development. At the moment the two core functions are done... ish. They work for most cases. Cases where they don't work:

  • The template contains )# as part of it's text (for instance: #( print ")#" )#. I'm not sure how this could be fixed, but I'm not very experienced with these things.


Please please please contribute. This is amateur stuff I've done, I need help. Show me the way. If you have questions my email is in my profile, if you have changes I'm pretty sure I have pull requests set to send me an email notification. Either way, please do it! My only request is that you keep the tests section up-to-date, everything else is fair-game.

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