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Redis client for Go
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Build Status Go Report Card GoDoc

Radix is a full-featured Redis client for Go. See the GoDoc for documentation and general usage examples.

This is the third revision of this project, the previous one has been deprecated but can be found here.

This project's name was recently changed from radix.v3 to radix, to account for go's new module system. As long as you are using the latest update of your major go version (1.9.7+, 1.10.3+, 1.11+) the module-aware go get should work correctly with the new import path.

I'm sorry to anyone for whom this change broke their build, I tried very hard to not have to do it, but ultimately it was the only way that made sense for the future. Hopefully the only thing needed to fix the breakage is to change the import paths and re-run 'go get'.

Installation and Usage

Module-aware mode:

go get
// import

Legacy GOPATH mode:

go get
// import


# requires a redis server running on
go test


  • Standard print-like API which supports all current and future redis commands.

  • Support for using an io.Reader as a command argument and writing responses to an io.Writer, as well as marshaling/unmarshaling command arguments from structs.

  • Connection pooling, which takes advantage of implicit pipelining to reduce system calls.

  • Helpers for EVAL, SCAN, and manual pipelining.

  • Support for pubsub, as well as persistent pubsub wherein if a connection is lost a new one transparently replaces it.

  • Full support for sentinel and cluster.

  • Nearly all important types are interfaces, allowing for custom implementations of nearly anything.


Thanks to a huge amount of work put in by @nussjustin, and inspiration from the redispipe project and @funny-falcon, radix/v3 is significantly faster than most redis drivers, including redigo, for normal parallel workloads, and is pretty comparable for serial workloads.

Benchmarks can be run from the bench folder. The following results were obtained by running the benchmarks with -cpu set to 32 and 64, on a 32 core machine, with the redis server on a separate machine. See this thread for more details.

Some of radix's results are not included below because they use a non-default configuration.

# go get
# cd bench
# go test -v -run=XXX -bench=ParallelGetSet -cpu 32 -cpu 64 -benchmem . >/tmp/radix.stat
# benchstat radix.stat
name                                   time/op
ParallelGetSet/radix/default-32        2.15µs ± 0% <--- The good stuff
ParallelGetSet/radix/default-64        2.05µs ± 0% <--- The better stuff
ParallelGetSet/redigo-32               27.9µs ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redigo-64               28.5µs ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redispipe-32            2.02µs ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redispipe-64            1.71µs ± 0%

name                                   alloc/op
ParallelGetSet/radix/default-32         72.0B ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/radix/default-64         84.0B ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redigo-32                 119B ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redigo-64                 120B ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redispipe-32              168B ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redispipe-64              172B ± 0%

name                                   allocs/op
ParallelGetSet/radix/default-32          4.00 ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/radix/default-64          4.00 ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redigo-32                 6.00 ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redigo-64                 6.00 ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redispipe-32              8.00 ± 0%
ParallelGetSet/redispipe-64              8.00 ± 0%

Copyright and licensing

Unless otherwise noted, the source files are distributed under the MIT License found in the LICENSE.txt file.

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