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hurryup 2.0

The goal of hurryup is to make sure you are never late to an appointment again. hurryup allows users to save an appointment and receive a text message reminder when they should leave, based on wherever their location happens to be at that time.

This is a fork of the [original project] ( by Luxurious Neckbeards.

Features We Added

  1. Ability to edit/delete events
  2. Directions for events, including map/route
  3. Error handling for sign up / sign in
  4. Different text messages based on time until event; i.e. the app texts you when it is time to leave, but if you are already late when you add the event, the text tells you how late you are.
  5. Added a picker menu for selecting states in the destination.
  6. Fixed errors with 12:00 pm events.
  7. Events display on app load, rather than waiting for user to refresh.
  8. User is directed to My Events page after creating or editing an event.
  9. The Create Event page will clear itself if you navigate away from the page while editing an event.

NPM Modules We Added


See our [issues] ( for features to be added.


  • React Native changed its fetch() method on the day we started working, which resulted in failing API calls on HTTP requests. We started out with debugging this issue before we could proceed, and learned a valuable lesson about not using private variables like _bodyText.
  • We tried re-designing the navigation to use a side menu, a.k.a. a 'drawer.' This led to various complications with passing state and props through navigation scenes that stopped the other new features from working. Eventually we pivoted and opted for the list of new features above.
  • Learning a new mobile framework was itself a sizeable challenge.
  • State management is tricky, and now we all want to learn Redux.
  • Debugging in a React Native app is also a challenge; not all errors have associated line numbers.


  1. Install all dependencies (there are many!) - run npm install
  2. Run rnpm link
  3. Add your api_keys.js file to the server folder - see [API Keys] below.
  4. To run the server - from the root directory do nodemon server/server.js
  5. To query the database - from the root directory do sqlite3 server/db/hurryup.sqlite

Client-side specifics

  1. Run npm start to start the React Native server.

To Simulate App on XCODE

  1. To open the project in Xcode:
  2. open ios/hurryup.xcodeproj
  3. Or in the command line react-native run-ios
  4. Click Build and Run (PLAY BUTTON) to open the application in the simulator
  • Immediately got to Debug -> Simulate Location -> San Francisco, CA (or choose other locations).
  • App will be unable to retrieve location if no location is simulated.
  1. This application has only been tested on iPhone 6+ models.
  • Visual elements will not display correctly on older models.
  • Note: Xcode 7.3 required for IOS 9.3.1 and above to test on iphone directly.

#####Non-platform specific commands:

  1. In emulator, ctrl-cmd-Z brings up a popup that allows you to Enable Live Reload. This will let you edit your code and immediately see the result in the emulator.
  2. In emulator, cmd-D it will open a debugger window.

API Keys

This project will require developer accounts for two API's: Google Maps for location information, and Twilio to send text messages to users. It should be noted that each trial Twilio account allows texting to a single phone number. Each team member might need to create a separate account for testing purposes.

[Get a Google API Key] (

[Create Twilio Account] (

Create a Twilio number

On your account in Twilio, Choose the Account menu option off of your account in top right menu.

Click the Create Your First Twilio Number button to create a number.
This will give you a number that will need to be used as the from phone number in the app, currently at server/workers/twilio-api-call.js.

Create an api_keys file

Once you have created the necessary developer accounts, you will need to create a file called api_keys.js within the server directory (this file should already be .gitignored). This file -- which is required in several places in the back end -- should contain the following information:

var API_KEYS = {
  googleAPI: ' /* INSERT HERE */ ',
  twilioAccountSid: ' /* INSERT HERE */ ',
  twilioAuthToken: ' /* INSERT HERE */ ',
  twilioPhoneNumber: ' /* INSERT HERE */ '
module.exports = API_KEYS;

Make sure the Twilio phone number is a string of ten digits, with a leading + sign and no dashes - for example: '+14151234567'.

Tech Stack

The client side is written entirely in React Native for iOS. The server is written in Node Express and uses the Sqlite database engine, along with the Bookshelf.js ORM and Knex SQL query builder.


The client side cannot be truly deployed to an iPhone without going through the app store approval process. For this reason, the client side must be tested through the Xcode simulator, or on the device through a USB connection.

Our server side code and database is currently deployed to Digital Ocean. To deploy your own, the droplet needs to be the $10/month option with 1GB memory, set to Flexible in order to do npm install. Once you have the server installed, you can resize it down to the $5/month option.


A event-tracking app to notify you to leave on time and provide directions






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