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Login with server side validation

This repo implements a ui form for server side user validation.

From a technical stanpoint, the aim of this project is to see how various libraries fit together: reflex and reflex-dom for the frontend, a simple servant server on the backend, the bridge among the two worlds being made with servant-reflex.

Note the structure of the project: three separate cabal projects are created, one for the frontend, one for the backend, and one for the API and the shared datatypes, which is included in the other two.

Also, in the frontend I provided two stack.yaml files. The main one is intended to be used with ghc, it generates the haddocks, behaves well with the tooling (intero), and builds a standalone desktop app.

The second one, stack-ghcjs.yaml compiles the project with ghcjs. To call the stack commands for ghcjs just add the option --stack-yaml=stack-ghcjs.yaml.

The build of the server should be just a stack build. To build the client:

  • stack build gtk2hs-buildtools alex happy
  • be sure to have the required system libraries (like webkitgtk)
  • stack build or stack build --stack-yaml=stack-ghcjs.yaml

You can also use the deploy.hs in the client folder, which compiles the client, minimizes the generated js, and copies it in the location expected by the server.