Make imgur mirrors for Deviantart submissions on reddit
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Make mirrors of

  • Deviantart to imgur
  • Tumblr to imgur
  • GIFs from Deviantart and imgur to Gfycat

on Reddit.

How to use

Copy or rename nmm.conf.example to nmm.conf and fill in the values.

Make a reddit account and put the credentials into the reddit_account and reddit_password keys. The account might need some karma in the subreddit it's supposed to work in and ideally a verified email address, to get around reddit's rate limiting. (See here for more info.)

Make an imgur account and register the bot. Put the App-ID you get from there into imgur_appid.

Make a tumblr account and register the bot. Put the API key into tumblr_api_key.

Not strictly necessary, but probably for the best, is to change the user agent string of the REST::Client instance that does calls to reddit to something of your own. See here for more info. This can be set in the useragent key.

There's also the option to only mirror content that is tagged as mature, to allow people without DA accounts to see it. Set mature_only to 1 for that.

When the bot encounters an error while creating a mirror or deleting an unused one (because it encountered an error elsewhere), it will retry at most max_retries times, with a five second delay between each try.


Direct DA link (i.e. non and links with an anchor in the URL) will be scraped for the highest resolution embedded image (img.fullview or to bypass the shortcoming of the oEmbed API.

The oEmbed API Deviantart uses doesn't always return the highest available resolution of images, which is only a minor problem, since imgur compresses anything over a certain size anyway.

It also doesn't return GIFs for some reason, only still images (PNG or whatever), which means GIFs won't be mirrored correctly.

GIFs from tumblr are currently not mirrored to Gfycat.