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Binary teaching board.


Button Duration Description
<1> to <8> Short Toggles binary digit.
Short Increases binary number by one.
Short Shows or hides display.
Long Toggles between decimal and hexadecimal display.
Extra Puts device to sleep.
Extra + 2s Full reset.

Diagnostic mode

To enter diagnostic mode, keep both Display and Plus buttons pressed during reset.

1 Measures power-supply voltage.
2 Displays power-supply voltage in percents
4 Test UART receive and timer.
8 Test UART transmit.
32 Shows all segments for third digit.
64 Shows all segments for second digit.
128 Shows all segments for first digit.


While case has a space for holes, I decided to go without them as screws make it just too bulky. And anyhow, PCB fit is tight enough to keep board from falling out.