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Cananka allows for the computer control of a CAN bus. The control of device is possible via serial port (SLCAN compatible, Windows/Linux) or via SocketCAN network driver (Linux). More information about the SLCAN protocol is available in a separate document.


  • USB serial device supporting SLCAN interface
  • Supports 1 Mbps CAN bus operation
  • Fully isolated (1 kV)
  • Does not require CAN bus power supply (onboard DC-to-DC converter)
  • 3.81 mm strip headers CAN bus connector
  • USB 2.0 interface (type B)

There are alternative versions available too:

  • RJ45 (uses RJ-45 connector)
  • Mini (directly pluggable, non-insulated, and without a case)

Hardware Revisions

Revision Functional HW Supported FW Supported Description
Dxxxx Yes Yes Yes Latest revision using MCP2221A UART interface.
Cxxxx † Yes Yes Yes Last revision to use FT232RL UART.
Bxxxx No No Probably ‡ Test revision.
Axxxx No No Probably ‡ Test revision.

† Early revision D test boards might carry revision C markings (slight versioning oversight). However, they can be visually distingushed by the difference in UART chip (FT232RL vs MCP2221A) and a lowercase c used on the silkscreen. In firmware they will be correctly recognized as revision D.

‡ As these test revisions are quite close to what revision C became, firmware code generally works just fine. However, if any issues are found, it is unlikely they will be addressed.

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