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Ham Check

This is a small tool helping you to prepare for ham exam. What differs it from other similar programs is the support for keyboard only operation and for zooming into the text. Ideal for presenting the content to others.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Escape Exits current menu (press twice if showing questions).
  • Up Moves selection up.
  • Down Moves selection down.
  • Left Shows previous question (or answer).
  • Right Shows next question (or answer).
  • A Select answer A.
  • B Select answer B.
  • C Select answer C.
  • D Select answer D.
  • Backspace Remove answer selection.
  • Home Move to first question (or answer).
  • End Go to results page (if all questions are answered).
  • Tab Go to next wrong answer (if all questions are answered).
  • Ctrl``+ Increase zoom level.
  • Ctrl``- Decrease zoom level.
  • Ctrl``0 Reset zoom level.

In addition to these, there are a few more serving the same purpose (e.g. you can advance to next question with Right, Space, and Enter.