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                      iksemel 1.5


Copyright (c) 2000-2011 Gurer Ozen <meduketto at>


This is an XML parser library mainly designed for Jabber applications.
It provides SAX, DOM, and special Jabber stream APIs. Library is coded
in ANSI C except the network code (which is POSIX compatible), thus
highly portable. Iksemel is released under GNU Lesser General Public
License. A copy of the license is included in the COPYING file.


Libtool, Automake and Autoconf packages are required for compiling cvs

TLS support requires OpenSSL (>0.9.8) or GNUTLS (>2.0.0) library.

Python bindings requires Python (>2.2).

Compiling & Install:

If you got the source from CVS, type


for creating configuration script and files.

Then type


now library is compiled. You can test it with

  make check

and install it with

  (become root if necessary)
  make install