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Leave HSL(A) alone! A package enabling HSL to stay HSL in SCSS.
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HSL colors are awesome. Unfortunately, the SASS hsl() and hsla() functions converts the colors to RGB/RGBA format.

hsl.scss replaces the two SASS functions by two others, preserving HSL(A) color declarations.


  1. npm install hsl.scss pulls the package into your project.
  2. @import '~hsl.scss'; in a SCSS files make hsl() and hsla() available.


Write regular CSS, the syntax is exactly the same:

:root {

  // hsl()
  color: hsl(15deg, 100%, 50%);

  // separator: coma (`,`)
  --flashy-pink: hsl(15deg, 100%, 50%);

  // separator: space
  $flashy-pink: hsl(15deg 100% 50%);

  // hsl() accepts opacity as fourth parameter          👇
  --hue: 15deg;
  --transparent-flashy-pink: hsl(var(--hue), 100%, 50%, .7);

  // hsla()
  $transparent-flashy-pink: hsla(15deg, 100%, 50%, .7); 

  // hsla(): opacity after a slash (`/`) when separator is a space
  $transparent-flashy-pink: hsla(15deg 100% 50% / .7);

Before / after hsl.scss

Before: lot of issues. Now: no issues anymore.

Before: boring interpolation. Now: standard CSS.


There’s currently no test enforcing the validity of what is passed to hsl() and hsla(), like in CSS. They are passthrough function.

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