A shorter SCSS access to CSS custom properties.
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v.scss brings a unique SCSS function that allows easier access to CSS custom properties using v(propName) instead of var(--propName).

Yup, v purpose is better readability by saving you 4 characters. It’s all it does.


  1. npm install v.scss pulls the package into your project.
  2. @import '~v.scss'; in a SCSS files make v() available.


Start by defining some CSS custom properties:

:root {
  --primary: #000;
  --bg: #fff;

Then, access them with v().

html {
  background: v(bg);
  color: v(primary);

That’s it! This will generates regular CSS:

html {
  background: var(--bg);
  color: var(--primary);

Fallback value as optional second parameter

The CSS var() function can take a fallback as second parameter: if the wanted custom property isn’t defined or valid for the browser, this parameter will be used.

In the following example, the background color will be #433221, the text will receive the yellow color and links the cyan one.

:root {
  --primary: cyan;
  --bg: #433221;

html {
  background: v(bg, brown); // `background: var(--bg, brown);`
  color: v(primaryyyy, yellow); // `color: var(--primary, yellow);`

a {
  color: v(primary); // color: var(--primary);

View it on CodePen.

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