Mapsforge vector renderer for iOS
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This is Objective-C analog for some part of Mapsforge library for Android, which you can find there:

MapsforgeReader allows iOS applications to read compact .map files with vector maps. There is an example, which should be working without any settings.

This example is a simple view controller with modified RouteMe mapView on it. It consists of sub projects, and these ones have been changed or made by me:

  1. MapsforgeReader. It parses .map file into primitives. This is almost copy-paste from Android's sources, but in obj-c, converted by me with help of java2objc tool ( Note: the way to improve parser is to use j2objc ( instead.

  2. OpenStreetPad. This is project from here with some changes. I took CoreGraphics renderer from that project.

  3. RouteMe. I made some changes like asynchronous tile loading and changing data source and renderer to my ones.

Another sub projects like Proj4 or sqlite were not changed, but I added them to make example project run without additional job.

Note: the last changes of Mapsforge_iOS had beed done in summer 2012, and some things can be changed.

Feel free to contact me with any questions: