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Meeds Public Distribution

How to build ?

Pre-requisite : Apache Maven >= 3.5.0

To build the Meeds Community package, from the root directory just launch :

mvn install

Take a coffee, a tea, whatever you like the time that Maven downloads the earth and then you'll have the result in plf-community-tomcat-standalone/target/meeds-community-<<CURRENT_VERSION>>/meeds-community-<<CURRENT_VERSION>>

If you are using a Maven Repository Manager you need to proxify our repository (snapshots and releases).

If you are using a mirror in your maven settings you need to exclude our repository identifier if your mirror doesn't proxify it.

Build options

Add -Dskip-archive in your build command line to not generate the final zip archive (and thus gain few seconds of build).

How to launch ?

From the top level directory of the project you can launch the server you just generated with :


Use -h or --help to list all options.

Known issues

Windows users

Scripts have to be launched from the directory where they are otherwise you have to explicitly set the environment variable CATALINA_HOME to the server home directory path.

You can force to activate the colorized console with the option

plf-community-tomcat-standalone/target/meeds-community-<<CURRENT_VERSION>>/meeds-community-<<CURRENT_VERSION>>/start_eXo.bat --color

:octocat: Docker image signature

Starting with Meeds 1.4.0-M04 from the github container registry, Meeds docker images will be signed with [cosign] ( tool.

In order to verify the signature of the Meeds docker image, please install the "cosign" command line tool. Then please follow these instructions:

  • Save the following public key to file:
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----
  • Execute the following command:
cosign verify --key<tag>


cosign verify --key


[{"critical":{"identity":{"docker-reference":""},"image":{"docker-manifest-digest":"sha256:da29f98a3000ae5232ceb2502ce2ae10903969c762b1d3d4e43a8b7104b87888"},"type":"cosign container image signature"},"optional":null}]

Also starting with Meeds 1.5.0-M11 from DockerHub, Meeds docker meedsio/meeds image will be signed with cosign tool. In order to verify its signature:

Execute the following command:

cosign verify --key meedsio/meeds:<tag>


cosign verify --key meedsio/meeds:1.5.0-M11_0

Our Meeds image is also signed with Dockerhub DCT.

docker trust inspect --pretty meedsio/meeds

Thanks to all the contributors ❤️


The Meeds Association provides its members with an employee recognition software implementation. The employee recognition software is fueled by the Meeds ERC-20 tokens.



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