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CakePlate is a best practice template for CakePHP based web applications, inspired by http://html5boilerplate.com. It is a mashup of lots of open source projects and snippets - so a majority of the credit should not go to us.

NOTE CakePlate is no way associated with the Cake Software Foundation, or CakePHP. We love CakePHP and are merely trying to spread the love and make peoples lives easier by saving them time.

We only include open source code that we have personally used, and know works.


Clone. Make sure your webroot dir is writeable by your webserver user (ubuntu: www-data) - or for production server, make a webroot/cjs and webroot/ccss and make those writeable. Become famliar with the framework. Look at the source as there are lots of comments inline. Documentation (examples etc) will get better over time.


Please report any issues OR suggestions to the issue tracker on github.

If you feel you contributed to this (maybe though html5boilerplate.com) and we missed you on our credits/thanks list, send us a message and we will be more then happy to include your name (and a link to your site).

Stay in the loop


Please read the wiki for more information. There


Credits/Thanks/Whats included

In no particular order (other then 1st 2 ;)

Legend: Credit. [title and link] - version - license

Not included but worth reading

Coming soon

  • Setup your eclipse workspace for CakePHP (there are some handy plugins I use that save me time, and integrated Cake console).


0.1.3 - 11/25/2010

  • updated asset,lazy_model, and CakePHP versions
  • updated jquery, jqueryui, jquerytools CDN
  • many updates to default layouts

0.1.2 - 9/02/2010

  • Swapped in a better file upload plugin
  • Removed file upload/image resize component

0.1.1 - 8/30/2010

  • Facebook Connect plugin
  • Bit.ly URL and tinyurl.com shortener components
  • Country/language selector helper
  • File upload/image resize component
  • jQuery Tools javascript library

0.1 - 8/26/2010

Initial version