A gui tool easing working with Shopify Themes
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Theme Tool

TT lets you add your shop, download your themes. TT will upload any changes and upload it to your shop.



  • OSX (10.8 - your mileage may vary with older versions)
  • TideSDK
  • Default Ruby 1.8.7 which ships with OSX (/usr/bin/ruby) [note: things seem to be working fine with 2.0.X that now ships with 10.9]

Getting started

Packaging up the app. This will create a .app, which you can then zip up for distribution:

tidebuilder.py -i "dist,packages" -n -t bundle -d /path/to/build/to /path/to/app/source (tidebuilder.py should be in your ~/Library/Application Support/TideSDK/sdk/osx/[version])

Building on OSX still does not recognize .help files, so you'll have to make the app aware of the help book. So, once you've built the .app, right click on it and Show Package Contents. In the Contents folder, open Info.plist in your favourite text editor. Info.plist is a XML file. Under plist > dict you will want to add:


To zip up the .app:

zip -ry NameOfZip.zip AppName.app

Development Setup

You'll need the TideSDK Developer tool which assists you to create, run and package your apps during development. You can grab this from TideSDK.org.

Launch the Developer tool, and Import the project. Switch to the Test & Package tab, and click Launch App. This should build and run the app.

See anatomy.md included in this repo which outlines the code.


See in-app Help menu for instructions.

App Nap

Make sure to turn OFF App Nap for this app under OSX 10.10, since this app is meant to run in the background.

Help & Support

  • Shopify forums
  • Shopify support
  • Open a ticket

If you need to send along a log file, it can be found here: ~/Library/Application Support/TideSDK/Shopify Theme/tiapp.log. DO NOT POST THIS FILE


Tetsuro Takara @t3tchi Mitchell Amihod @meeech


TideSDK Listen Beta Testers Shopify mightyoj Scott Szarapka and all you who use the app!