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Chrome Extension to build a list of Netflix instant movies to watch.


  • Adds a netflixQ button under Play button. Click that, and it will add to your list.
  • Click on the Red Star icon in your toolbar, and you will see your list of movies you want to watch.


Just subscribed to, and was browsing the movies. I couldn't find a 'digital' queue for what I wanted to watch later. Seems like an obvious feature for them to have built in, so wonder if I'm missing something obvious?

In any case, I suppose I could just bookmark the movies, but I wanted to make a chrome extension. This seemed like a simple enough use case.

Nothing to fancy right now - does what it says, will add stuff as needed, or upon request.


If you have any issues or problems to report, best way is through the github repo dedicated to this extension:

Feedback welcome through github, or via twitter: @meeech

I use some icons from Circular Icons.

There be Dragons

  • Sliders: I had to do a little hack to get the sliders working. It should work fine, as long as you have a decent connection. :) Let me know if you have any problems. I will be looking for a more robust solution.
  • Doesn't work for I don't have access to, and am informed (see comment) they have that functionality already built in - which makes it even weirder that its not on the Canadian site.
  • In case this isn't obvious, I and this extension have no relation to Netflix.


  • background.html: Receives message with content of movie from pagescript.js. handles placing it into localStorage store.
  • netflixq.css: Overrides some css styles for
  • netflixq.html: This is the code for the pop-up panel when you click on the star.
  • pagescript.js: Script that injects the netflixQ button, handles the clicks.

Uses yui3.

thanks m.


  • look into making badge show number of movies in list?
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