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Installation procedure - grabbing tree via anoncvs
KAME project
$KAME: INSTALL.anoncvs,v 1.9 2000/11/15 16:47:16 itojun Exp $
You can grab the latest KAME tree via anonymous cvs (anoncvs).
Note that KAME/BSDI3 and KAME/BSDI4 are inaccessible via anoncvs,
due to license restriction (BSDI is commercial product and we cannot
redistribute BSDI-copyrighted source to non-licensee).
Here's how you can checkout the latest tree:
A-1. Install CVS onto your client.
A-2. Logon to KAME anonymous CVS.
% cvs -d login
Password is "anoncvs" (doublequote is not the part of password).
The password will be cached into ~/.cvspass, so you need to login only
once from single machine.
A-3. Checkout the tree (replace $somewhere with your working directory).
% cd $somewhere
% cvs -d co -P kame
If you are interested in some specific platform only, alternatively
you can do the following, but not recommended:
% cd $somewhere
% cvs -d co -P \
kame/Makefile kame/
% cd kame
% make TARGET=netbsd tree
A-4. Follow the document placed in $somewhere/kame/INSTALL.
Here's how you can update the source code tree to the latest:
B-1. Go into top directory and perform "make update-all".
% cd $somewhere/kame
% make update-all
If you are interested only to specific platform, you can do "update"
instead of "update-all".
% cd $somewhere/kame
% make TARGET=netbsd update
SNAP kit is generated by packaging a tree checked out by anoncvs.
You can update your tree to the latest by doing A-1, A-2 then B-1.
SNAP users are supposed to be hackers so I'm sure you want to synchronize
to the latest :-)