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import sys
import json
from os import environ
from os.path import join
from twisted.internet import defer, reactor
from twisted.internet.protocol import ProcessProtocol
from twisted.internet.error import ProcessTerminated, ProcessExitedAlready, ProcessDone
from autobahn.twisted.component import run, Component
from autobahn.wamp.types import SubscribeOptions
from autobahn.wamp.cryptobox import KeyRing, Key
# Storing our secrets in files to make the examples simpler; something
# like 'keyring' or 'vault' would be preferable
keyring = KeyRing()
with open('secrets-builder-authkey', 'rb') as f:
builder_auth_key =
with open('secrets-paths', 'rb') as f:
basedir ='ascii')
with open('secrets-builder-priv', 'rb') as priv:
with open('secrets-webhook-pub', 'rb') as pub:
# we are *receiving* events, so we're the responder
key = Key('ascii'), # webhook will encrypt to this'ascii'), # if we have to reply, encrypt to this
keyring.set_key(u'webhook.github.push', key)
# configure our component, connecting via a Unix socket locally and
# authenticating with 'cryptosign'
builder = Component(
u"url": u"ws://localhost/ws",
u"endpoint": {
"type": "unix",
"path": "./.crossbar/sock"
"cryptosign": {
u"authid": u"builder",
u"authrole": u"agent",
u"privkey": builder_auth_key,
class _Task(ProcessProtocol):
def __init__(self, all_done, launched, stdout=None, stderr=None):
self._stderr = stderr
self._stdout = stdout
self._all_done = all_done
self._launched = launched
# some cutesy IProcessProtocol overrides
if self._stderr is not None:
self.outReceived = self._stderr.write
if self._stdout is not None:
self.errReceived = self._stdout.write
def processEnded(self, reason):
"""IProcessProtocol API"""
fail = reason.value
is_fine = isinstance(fail, (ProcessDone, ProcessTerminated)) and \
fail.exitCode == 0
for d in [self._launched, self._all_done]:
if not d.called:
if is_fine:
def _run(reactor, run_dir, program, *args):
done = defer.Deferred()
launched = defer.Deferred()
proto = _Task(
done, launched,
# stdout=sys.stdout,
print("running: {} {}".format(program, ' '.join(args)))
transport = reactor.spawnProcess(
proto, program,
args=(program, ) + args,
yield done
def _github_push(**kw):
print("github push: {}".format(kw['ref']))
print(" commits added:")
for commit in kw['commits']:
print(" {id}: {message}".format(**commit))
if kw['ref'] != 'refs/heads/master':
print(" not master; ignoring")
path = "{}/venv/bin:{}".format(basedir, environ.get('PATH', ''))
environ['PATH'] = path
from twisted.internet import reactor
yield _run(reactor, join(basedir, u'git'), u'/usr/bin/git', u'pull')
yield _run(reactor, join(basedir, u'git', u'docs'), '/usr/bin/make', 'html')
print("github push processed successfully")
@builder.subscribe(u'webhook.github.', options=SubscribeOptions(match=u"prefix", details_arg="_details"))
def _github_notify(**kw):
details = kw.pop("_details")
print("{}: {} {}".format(details.topic, kw.get('created_at', ''), kw.get('state', '')))
# print(kw.keys())
def joined(session, details):
print("builder joined: {} {}".format(session, details))
session.set_payload_codec(keyring) # e2e encryption keys
if __name__ == '__main__':