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@@ -32,7 +32,11 @@ Here's how you would define a fake function for this in your test suite:
ASSERT_EQ(1, DISPLAY_init_call_count);
-So what has happened here? The magic is in the <tt>FAKE_VOID_FUNC0</tt>. This
+So what has happened here? The first thing to note is that the framework is
+header only, all you need to do to use it is download <tt>fff.h</tt> and include
+it in your test suite.
+The magic is in the <tt>FAKE_VOID_FUNC0</tt>. This
expands a macro that defines a function returning <tt>void</tt>
which has zero arguments. It also defines a variable
<tt>"function_name"_call_count</tt> which is incremented every time the faked

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