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  1. Install Open-WBO. After the installation is complete, add the path of the binary in the PATH variable.

  2. Install CPLEX and set python API of CPLEX.

  3. Python libraries: pandas, numpy, sklearn, pickle, Orange, Pulp.

  4. Install weka and add the path of weka.jar in the path variable.

To process data

  1. Go to scripts/ and run python

To reproduce result

  1. Run bash from the root directory.

  2. To view the result, go to output/ and run python

View reported results in the paper

  1. To view the reported results in the submitted paper, go to output/ and run python

Additional materials

  1. appendix.pdf contains the proof of succinctness of relaxed-CNF

  2. results/rules.txt contains all the generated rules by IRR and inc-IRR.

  3. results/figures/ contains all the graphs of effect of individual parameters.

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