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forresto commented Apr 5, 2012

We should lock down a list of the standard data types:

  • bang
  • int
  • number (should call this float?)
  • color :css :hex
  • image (canvas imagedata)
  • data :image :audio (dataurl string)
    • data:image and canvas imageData should automatically convert somehow
  • string
  • array and vectors like array:f2 [x,y]
  • blob, file, filelist (have not messed with these, but might be faster than converting to and passing dataurl)
macobo commented Apr 6, 2012

What about data :video?

automata commented Apr 8, 2012

I'm thinking on some way to access data (e.g. JS objects) from one module to another. Maybe a way to bang-back a module and get the desired data from a specific reference.


@automata are there any other visual programming languages that have something like this? What uses are you imagining?


Currently I don't know about other visual programming languages using that but I imagined a way to integrate Audiolet with Meemoo:

We have two nodes: an audio generator and an audio output. The audio generator has a reference to Oscillator. The audio output has a reference to Audiolet. To connect both nodes we have to connect the generator's reference to audiolet, something like: generator.connect(audiolet.output). So, inside the output node we need the reference to Oscillator that is there, inside the generator module. How to get the reference from an object outside our current node (output)? Maybe asking for the outsider to send to us some reference.

Another way is to maintain a global reference to Audiolet in this case (all nodes depends on Audiolet to get audio rate and other information regarding the audio interface, abstracted by the Audiolet instance).

I really have to think more about that. I think we could maintain the data types suggested by @forresto for now and possibly extend that in a near future.

automata commented May 8, 2012

quoting @forresto "maybe we could make meemoo inputs automatically with those" dat.gui elements

@forresto forresto closed this May 27, 2013
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