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Android Vector Universal Interface Kit
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Lovely & happily crafted by Diego Martín Lafuente.

AVUIK is a complete, public domain licensed, illustration set of the latest Android Universal Interface theme called Holo, wich is available on Android KitKat and that you can use freely on Sketch App (version 3.0).

I developed this project to design the awesome app for Android.

Android is a Google trademark and I don't have any relationship with the company, though I would love to work for it :). This is a base artwork to design awesome Android apps.

## Philosophy

The project is presented in several artboards in order to divide different examples of the original UI work and make it easy to use by symbols management with Sketch 3.0 documents instead browsing several hidden groups and layers. They're designed using real dp and they're not re-scaled.

The size of the artboard used (wich represents the real viewport of the phone) fits perfectamente in a Nexus 5 terminal: 1080×1920. The principal orientation is portrait. I don't deny to design the landscape options for future commits as well to prepare the Nexus 7 or other tablets options.


This kit emulates the Android Apps, so it will requiere some base fonts that comes with Android. Every font needed you can acquire it either in Google Fonts or in the Android Developer site. The font list is:

  1. Roboto Family
  2. Roboto Condensed Family
  3. Droid Sans
  4. Droid Sans Mono

You can, of course, use any other font in your final design, but have in mind the text position may alter since fonts will not have the same x-height as the Roboto or Droid Family. You may need to tune it a bit.

Future development

I wish to start these ones:

  1. Android Nexus 7 & 10 dimensions UI set.
  2. iOS 7.2 complete UI set
  3. Windows Phone

Any donation will be really welcome (paypal:, it will help to buy the devices to test the artwork until they're correctomundo.

I also can design/prototype your future app.

Have a lot of fun and profit. Don't hesitate to contact me to show your finished artwork. I would love to see the results.

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