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Meeshkan — the frontend mono-repo

This repo contains 4 apps that have some 'frontend' utility to the company.

  1. custom-graphql this is where our 8base custom logic lives. 8base logic allows you to deploy custom functionality and is the baseline for committing database migrations. In our case we have an invite link trigger and updater. In order to use this repo, you'll need to be familiar with the 8base CLI.
  2. og-cards is a frontend micro-service that generates dynamic images for the sharing cards shown on socials for our website. It is deployed on Vercel and so far has needed little to no maintainance.
  3. webapp this is the most active app in this repo. It is the meeshkan webapp ( which is deployed on Vercel.
  4. website this is here in a hopeful measure but not currently in use. Currently our live website repo is We'd like to transition this here to share the chakra-ui library.

This repo also contains 3 libs or NX libraries which are shared code between all of the frontend projects.

  1. chakra-theme serves as the custom Chakra UI setup that we use accross any frontend projects.
  2. downloadable-script is the microservice that converts the user story events/commands in 8base into a Puppeteer script.
  3. meeshkan-types is a centralized place for custom TypeScript interfaces we use. Some are built custom but most come from 8base using a package called graphql-code-gen.

Getting the webapp project working locally

This guide will use yarn. Feel free to use the npm equivalent to my instructions if that works better for you!

  1. After cloning this repo to your computer — cd into the base repository (meeshkan).
  2. Duplicate the .env.template file, renaming it to .env.
    • AUTH0_CLIENT_ID, AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET, and SESSION_COOKIE_SECRET can all be found in Auth0. If you do not have access to Auth0, contact @k4m4 or @KenzoBenzo to get you the tokens. The value of AUTH0_DOMAIN is "".
    • The token NEXT_PUBLIC_EIGHTBASE_ENDPOINT changes the 8base environment between staging "" and Master "".
    • The token EIGHT_BASE_AUTH_PROFILE_ID can be found in 8base (log in found in 1pw).
    • The TEST_URL depends on how you serve your webapp locally. If you use the command yarn start webapp the value will be "localhost:3000". Change accordingly for a different port.
    • The COOKIE token can be found in Auth0, or under our internal Meeshkan webapp project, auth tokens.
    • The MIXPANEL_TOKEN can be found in Mixpanel, but for local development (to not pollute production analytics) I'd suggest you use the Test data project token of "dd7febc8c2697fca8ed2d5523409a281".
  3. While still in the base repository, install the project dependencies with yarn.
  4. Start a development server of the webapp using the command yarn start webapp. You should then see a message that the port 3000 is now open and you can visit localhost:3000.