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Timeline of Artists

Performance matters

Serverside application


This is a progressive web app that displays a timeline of artists in Amsterdam during the Golden Age.

It portrays the name, birthyear and deathyear of the artists.

When navigating to an artist you can see his work in a chronological timeline.

This website can be installed as an application.

Timeline of artists


For this build I used:

  • ES6 modules
  • Express & Node.js
  • Express request
  • GSAP Libraries

Progressive web app

This website contains:

  • Service worker
  • Webmanifest
  • Install prompt

npm scripts

Run all

This will start a Node server with bundled and compiled JS and SCSS to compressed CSS.

"dev": "parallelshell \"npm run start\" \"npm run build-js\" \"npm run build-css\""




  • Clientside rendering
  • No Critical CSS
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Minimal paint/layout triggering
  • Huge images

Before, Performance audit


To increase performance I've added:

  • Critical CSS
  • System fonts
  • Gzip
  • CSS compression
  • Minimal paint/layout triggering
  • [Failed] Image compression/resizing

Performance audit

  • ~90/100
  • Slow images are caused by API

To increase performance further

By using fs.writeFile I tried to download all the images, then compress and resize them with sharp and then write those to a folder for the client. I tried to get the images and resize/compress them before sending them to the client but I failed. To increase performance most I need to find a way to resize/compress the images.

Progressive web app

Progressive web app audit

  • ~73/100
  • App is installable
  • Install prompt will fire on further navigating
  • Has working Service Worker / manifest

Accessibility and Best Practices

Accessibility and best practice audit

  • 100/100 on both
  • Good color contrast
  • Keyboard accessible
  • Aria labeled when needed
  • Works without JavaScript


In the future I want to:

  • Compress the images
  • Add lazy loading


By changing clientside rendering to serverside rendering, adding system fonts, gzip, css compression and critical CSS... You can influence performance by minimaly half a second.

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