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Look, we’re a beta!

New contributors

@barinali #532(9c35fe5)

Link Pages & Components

We firmly believe, that that which belongs together, should not remain separate. Alva has given its consent as well. Thus, components or even whole pages can now be linked, allowing you to create clickable prototypes for gloriously interactive presentations. Mazel tov!


In our continuing effort to make Alva work smoother with the human tendency to avoid needless repetition, we've taught it to handle variables. As of now, you'll be able to place variables within links or inputs to be read in other places.


We've got some bad news for you here. After some major discussions (mainly resolved by way of intense Ping Pong matches), we've significantly sped up Alva's rendering process. This comes with the downside of no longer being able to say: "I'll just grab a coffee while waiting for Alva." We know of the risks to the coffee industry and are willing to accept any and all consequences resulting out of this change.

.alva Files

We were told to increase brand visibility and user exposure. The most subtle way we could think of, was to simply change Alva's files to - well - .alva files. Jokes aside, this genuinely makes things easier to find and share for everyone involved. #440 (ca886c8)

Undo & Redo

Sometimes, our happy little mistakes don't make us happy at all. That's why we've taught Alva to remember what things looked like before. Simply press Cmd+Z on Mac or Ctrl+Z on Windows to take one step back into a brighter past.
Nostalgia turned out to be just that? Are you longing for improvements you had already made? Alva now supports Redo to help you get back to the future. Press Cmd+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Shift+Z to get all that hard work back. #109 (93382b8)

Page Overview

We all know the feeling: You start with one page. Later, you might add a few more. And, given time, pages do, what socks usually don't: they multiply into somewhere close to infinity. While we can't change that particular oddity, we did decide to provide Alva with a new (and soon-to-be shiny) page management feature. Add, rename and delete pages to your heart's content. The page previews are still in progress, so don’t worry about the white preview tile. #399 (75f3c40)

Placeholder Component

Not even the love-child of Lucky Luke and The Flash would be able to keep up with your mind? Don't you worry: If the component you imagined has not already been built, you can now use Alva's brand new image component to use any image inside Alva. This way, everybody in your team knows what should be there and you don't have to wait around. #13 (3c45437)

No-Child Elements

Children deserve a loving (and willing) parent. Some elements are just not ready for the commitment and we shouldn't force them into arbitrary ... Right. Elements. This is about elements. The short of it is: Elements that do not accept children, won't accept children. It’s that simple. (be9df1d)

Page Element Renaming

9 out of 10 developers questioned in our private and totally real study hate naming things. That shouldn't stop you, though, and Alva believes in you! Therefore, page elements now accept names. Double-click on the element and name away. (ac1412a)

Fresh Design

Vive la France! Vive la République! Wait ... Fresh Design? Wasn't it French Design in the ticket? Anyway ... Alva had a nice day off and really focused on what makes it happy. Rocking a new design, the world looks peachy and full of opportunities. (86f858b), (7b7622b), (71f81cd)

Loading Animation

The concept of loading animations is a strange one. Most of the time, as a developer, you don't want the thing to show up at all. On the other hand, when shown, the animation should be smooth. It should also serve as an indicator that things are happening. As we all like knowing that the app we're using hasn't crashed, Alva now sports an awesome loading animation. Special thanks go to @goprime10 for this glorious work of art you hopefully won't have to stare at for too long. (bcfe1b9), closes #299

Selectable Elements

Wouldn't it make sense, if users could click on an element in the preview screen to select it? Yes, it sure would. So here it is: Alva now allows you to directly select elements by clicking on them in the preview screen.

Bug Fixes

To combat the ever growing infestation of land-dwelling arthropods within Alva's code base, we've invested in a large farm in the countryside. Now that we have a space for them to go, we've removed a virtual ton of bugs plaguing Alva and have moved them to a happier and, more importantly, far away place.

More like this

As with every release, we've made more changes than just the ones highlighted above. For a full documentation of all quality of life improvements and bug fixes, please check here.

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The one that gave us readable change logs

  • It's dangerous out there, take this: In order to help you navigate the depths of your hard drives' folders, Alva now sports an all new and improved icon. Never again will you have to endlessly search for our application. More importantly, we can now print cool stickers!
  • Some things are just more fun when done in groups: For this release, we were once more lucky enough to welcome new amazing contibutors. Many thanks to @mpfeil, @bing107, @glebez, @petetnt, @tbroadley, @DanielRuf, @goprime10 and @Palmaswell. You rock!


  • auto-updater: We've taught Alva some manners. It will now politely ask before updating. (38c7766), closes #168

  • auto-updater: You can now ask Alva to check, if it really is the newest version of itself. Oh, and if it's not, you'll see a fancy progress bar for the updating process. (e024cc4), closes #84

  • preview: Selected elements are now highlighted. No need to touch my screen to show me the one you're talking about, thank you very much. (2423a5d)

  • menu: Page elements now have a context menu. Because everything's better with proper context. (a8cd86e), closes #111

  • menu: There is now an option to export your current page as a PNG. Or as our trainee would put it: "The only format that really matters, right!?" (1c423b6), closes #71

  • menu: Menu items are now on a strict "Need To Know" basis. Alva won't continue to tease you with unavailable options. (c009cd2)

  • menu: Settings can now be accessed via a new menu item. Why you would want to change Alva in any way is beyond us though. (f8676a7), closes #195

  • page-list: You can now change the name of pages within the page list. We couldn't think of a clever joke for this one. Enjoy though. (1736b0b)

  • preview-pane: Want to see what other people see? You can now resize the preview-pane to do just that. (5f6e133)

  • window: As ants have not yet embraced Alva, we've decided to implement a minimum app window size. (239d788), closes #107

Bug Fixes

  • electron: The "Learn More" menu item now let's you discover more than just that we're bad a linking things in menus. (#172) (75edbb1)
  • lsg: Well colour me impressed. Item label colours are now consistent! (#159) (7d7c83e), closes #147
  • menu: When you hide all windows, Alva will now join its friends and minimise as well. (ee8b5c4), closes #187
  • store: Alva has learned some critical thinking and will not let you save when there is no styleguide. (f9ef1dd), closes #101

Needless to say, a lot of things have changed behind the scenes as well. Also: Thanks to everyone for using Alva. We hope you're enjoying the experience.

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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See standard-version for commit guidelines.

0.6.1 (2018-02-01)

Bug Fixes

  • Security fix: Thanks to @Suhas-Gaikwad for reporting and helping with this issue
    disabled drag-and-drop from outside the application (c15b2cf)

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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See standard-version for commit guidelines.

0.6.0 (2017-12-20)

Bug Fixes

  • pattern and property names: Automatic name guessing, and @name annotation (3754a8c)
  • build: electron should now always find the correct js file (#116) (cd2e76d), closes #106
  • component: adjust patternlist spacing (#105) (ed8d14e)
  • component: fix pattern list search (45cc05d)
  • lsg: remove fonts import (9736df8)


  • component: add error wrapper around preview components (0325ea6)
  • component: add spacing (5c52909)
  • component: integrate icon in pattern list (6f6cac1), closes #91
  • component: move splash screen from preview to app main section, create styled splash screen (b559d1b)
  • component: remove edit delete and add from page list (2b51ee6)
  • component: remove edit delete and add from project list (29059da)
  • component/app: add spacing to page list (#103) (5df49bc)
  • lsg: add more clickable space to dropdown items (84de0d1)
  • lsg: add textColor property to headline (f75189a)
  • lsg: adjust pattern list styling (ff04ed0)
  • lsg: change fallback pattern icon (#119) (4b352e4)
  • lsg: introduce button component (78bd656)
  • lsg: introduce copy component (ed2fc0e)
  • lsg: introduce splash screen component (f8a44aa)
  • lsg: load external pattern icon as image source, adjust styling (1642d7b), closes #91
  • lsg: remove left section from splash screen (224fa86)
  • lsg: remove margin from pattern list items (c7a6b75)
  • store: add get pattern icon path (051990c), closes #91
  • make title property optional (e6f38bf)


  • component): fix(component: fix pattern list search, convert pattern name to lowercase (#102) (867e8d0)

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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See standard-version for commit guidelines.

0.5.0 (2017-12-19)

Bug Fixes

  • component: convert search term to lower case (6d38ede)


  • lsg: new styling for pattern pane (19b411e)
  • menu: add functionality to also create a folder while selecting a space for the creation of th (389c098)

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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See standard-version for commit guidelines.

0.4.1 (2017-12-18)


  • component: page-elements can now not be dropped on there own children ([90d5841]

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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See standard-version for commit guidelines.

0.4.0 (2017-12-18)

Bug Fixes

  • component: completly remove mobx devtools for now (54970fe)
  • component: readd mobx devtools (3423ec7)
  • component: remove unused const (a1939b1)
  • components: remove developer tools in production (813ddd8)
  • lsg: broken intendantion (2bad46f)
  • lsg: element property update on property patterns (822b2b2), closes #57
  • store: clear selected element after element deletion (5a21e46), closes #58


  • component: add direct download link to designkit (e31dead)
  • component: add pattern as next sibling of selected element when clicking on pattern item (943cc5d), closes #63
  • lsg: add hover to property items (2c1d6ee)
  • lsg: add styling to property boolean (0bc168d)
  • lsg: add styling to property enum and add spacing to property items (590e21b)
  • lsg: bigger click-area for open/close icon on page-element (#62) (b78a347), closes #61
  • lsg: change icon size (bc0ff66)
  • lsg: introduce dropdown component (5c60539)
  • lsg: when dragging a pattern only the icon should be visible under the cursor (c63db83)
  • menu: add pasted page-elements as siblings (602f5c6), closes #63
  • menu: menu item to create a new copy of the designkit at specific location (1144b25)
  • menu: windows should use delete key for removing patterns (#77) (26d8e9d)
  • resources: renew icon (c56d159)
  • store: add new function to add child as sibling to selected element (c9d373b)
  • store: auto-saving page when switching to another page or styleguide (1c96caf)
  • store: hiding of properties per meta-data (0bab560)
  • store: open first page of a given project (3517990)
  • store: page element ancestry methods for drag-drop checks (f3c9cd7)
  • store: save preference of last opened styleguide and page (d833658)
  • store: support for default property values (da599c8)
  • update: add notification when there is a new version and try to auto update (32c259c)
  • add dropdown to pages, rename visible to open (5b18a8a)
  • add project list dropdown to chrome (1017ddf)
  • remove lsg interface from component, make pattern list component independent from list compone (245df6d)

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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See standard-version for commit guidelines.

0.3.0 (2017-12-15)


  • component: auto select new created page elements (92ed1ce)