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A browser-based multi-player version of Pong written with node.js.

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NodePong is a browser-based multi-player implementation of the classic arcade game Pong, written in JavaScript. My goal is to write a very simple game playable on desktop and mobile devices, with enough features to keep it interesting. It uses:

- node.js for non-blocking server code
- for websocket integration
- jQuery for dynamic browser interaction
- jQuery mobile for mobile touch support

To run the server and serve the app, node.js and must be installed. To play, you just need a web browser with JavaScript enabled.

This repository and all of its components are works in progress, and may not function from day to day. It may be occasionally playable at — give it a shot!

This is a learning exercise — I've tried to keep things well-commented, and there's a long and rambling about page up at with lots of details.

Peter Richardson
@meetar (  
NYC, May 16 2011
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