A browser-based multi-player version of Pong written with node.js.
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NodePong is a browser-based multi-player implementation of the classic arcade game Pong, written in JavaScript. My goal is to write a very simple game playable on desktop and mobile devices, with enough features to keep it interesting. It uses:

- node.js for non-blocking server code
- socket.io for websocket integration
- jQuery for dynamic browser interaction
- jQuery mobile for mobile touch support

To run the server and serve the app, node.js and socket.io must be installed. To play, you just need a web browser with JavaScript enabled.

This repository and all of its components are works in progress, and may not function from day to day. It may be occasionally playable at http://nodepong.com/ — give it a shot!

This is a learning exercise — I've tried to keep things well-commented, and there's a long and rambling about page up at http://about.nodepong.com with lots of details.

Peter Richardson  
@meetar (http://twitter.com/meetar)  
NYC, May 16 2011