@adlk adlk released this Nov 23, 2017


  • App: Add link to changelog in app update notification (2cbd938)
  • App: Add option to enable/disable spell checker (dcab45a)
  • App: Add option to mute all services in sidebar (f5a9aa2), closes #8 #162
  • App: Decrease minimum window size to 600px width (2521621), closes #239
  • App: Respect System DoNotDisturb mode for service audio (7d41227), closes #162
  • Service: Add option to display disabled services in tabs (1839eff)
  • Service: Add option to mute service (b405ba1)
  • Service: Add dialog to reload crashed services (259d40c) (dannyqiu)
  • Translations: Added new translations and improved existing ones. A million thanks to the amazing community.

Bug Fixes

  • Windows: Fix notifications on Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update) (eea4801), closes #173
  • macOS: Fix TouchBar related crash on macOS 10.12.1 and lower (9e9a2ed), closes #70
  • App: Add fallback to service menu when service name is empty (42ed24d), closes #250
  • App: Prevent app from redirecting when dropping link (811a527) (dannyqiu)
  • Support with CPU: Reduce maximum CPU usage (64ad918), closes #314
  • Hosted Services: Do not strip www from custom service Url (a764321) (BeneStem)
  • Services: Fix onNotify in service API (b15421b) (dannyqiu)
  • Sidebar: Fix tabs reordering (86413ba) (josescgar)