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Meeting Cost Calculator data repository

This repository stores source data in CSV format for the Meeting Cost Calculator.

The repository is structured to support multiple countries' public sector organizations. In the future, more than one Meeting Cost Calculator might exist, each designed for a specific country or government.

Each country folder has two kinds of files,

  • An organizations CSV file that lists the public sector organizations displayed on the calculator site, when the data was last updated, links to source data files where available, and other per-organization settings.
  • Rates of pay files (for example, the core public service pay rates file). These CSV files include a series of entries for each classification level, with minimum and maximum values for that level (for example, from smallest to largest salary increment steps) and a description of the classification.

Each country folder can include multiple organizations, which will be displayed in the gear options menu.

Contributions welcome!

The CSV files in this repository are the source data for automatically-generated JavaScript files that power the calculator site.

To make changes to these files, you may find it easiest to download them individually, open them with Google Sheets or Excel, update them, then contribute back the exported CSV files. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

The data included here is available via public sources or individual contributors. It is provided on an as-is basis; no guarantees are made for its accuracy or completeness. By contributing to this repository, you agree to make your contributions in the public domain. See the license file for more details.

New issues are welcome! Please add these to the original repository Issues tracker.


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