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HENkaku-webservice.js Update node web service for latest henkaku version (r10). Remove asp … May 30, 2017


Prereqs for Nodejs webservice

  • Nodejs (Tested with v4.4.7 LTS)
  • Request and Express (install using npm)

Running Nodejs webservice

  1. Edit HENkaku-webservice.js. Change line 10 to var localUrl = "http://<ipaddressofhost>/henkaku.bin"; replace <ipaddressofhost> with host IP.
  2. Run the following command from the command line/terminal node HENkaku-webservice.js
  3. On the target Vita browse to http://<ipaddressofhost>


  1. Currently does not handle requests for molecule package contents which go to, so not an offline solution when running henkaku on your vita for the first time.


Team Molecule - For making this possible.