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Meetup API Client Libraries

Client libraries make it easier to access the API from your programming language of choice. Most of these have been developed by the user community. If the feature or API method you want isn't supported, just fork it!

Note: Meetup makes no guarantees about the maintenance and the support these 3rd party API client libraries offer. Please contact their maintainers if you have questions.

Note: If you come across a library that no longer seems to be maintained and you think should be removed from this listing, please submit a pull request to do so.


  • MeetupApi for C# This will be the definitive portable class library solution for Xamarin and Universal Windows Platform. Check it out and if you would, send some pull request.


  • meetup Hex package for the Meetup V3 API.



  • angular-meetup This Angular component has some services and directives to give some facilities when an app need to communicate with API in an AngularJS project
  • gatsby-source-meetup Source plugin for pulling data about a specific Group and the events associated to it into Gatsby applications with GraphQL.
  • Must.js A browser client for the Meetup Stream APIs
  • Node meetup-api A node.js interface to the Meetup API


  • NSMeetupO2 A small library that makes easier the API OAuth2 authorization flow for your iOS app.


  • DMS PHP API Client "API client based on Guzzle with full support for the API and installation via composer. Compliant with PSR-0/1/2
  • Laravel Socialite Meetup Provider This package allows for easy authentication with the Laravel Framework by extending Laravel/Socialite.
  • PHP API Client Abstracts access to the Meetup API into a PHP client. Implements several methods and unimplemented ones can be accessed anyway since the main class is pretty powerful. Supports paging, sort order and is easily configurable.
  • Meetup API Client for PHP An updated and much more efficient PHP client for the Meetup API. This client is fully documented on Github.
  • Meetup API Event List for PmWiki This addon ('recipe') includes a group's upcoming Meetups into PmWiki pages.
  • PHP OAuth AP OAuth client library that supports many APIs including Meetup
  • PHP one-file API client Simple but effective API client library in PHP with no dependencies.
  • Simple PHP client A very simple, one-file, PHP client for accessing most of the Meetup API.


  • MeetupPS PowerShell module to interact with the API


  • python-api-client encapsulates all the logic needed to make queries to the Meetup API in Python. (discontinued)
  • python-api Python API for Meetup. (maintenance)


  • meetupapi Flexible functions for API
  • meetupr R interface to the API.


  • meetup_client An easy-to-use Ruby interface to the API
  • OmniAuth 1.0 Strategy Ruby Gem for Meetup The latest version of OmniAuth (> 1.0) requires the use of strategy gems for each OAuth provider. This library provides a strategy for
  • rMeetup Ruby client library for the API
  • Rubeetup A Ruby library to the Meetup API, which gives you easy access to 77 Meetup methods complete with params validation.


  • Dispatch-Meetup A Meetup API interface for the Scala HTTP library, Dispatch


  • Deau is a pure Swift client library built with the Swift Package Manager. It is intended to be used for Server-Side Swift, but can be dropped into any iOS/macOS project as well


  • Apache Spark Streaming of RSVPs The App helps in getting the RSVP Stream to Apache Spark, which is the first step to the world of interesting analytics, recommendation engines and what not.
  • Meetup Auth Activity for Android Simple Android activity to retrieve meetup access tokens.
  • Meetup API Drupal module Provides an easy-to-use Drupal wrapper for the PHP Meetup API Client.
  • Meetup YQL Table definitions for the Yahoo! Query Language by Sergey Chernyshev.
  • WP-Meetup-Activity A plugin for Wordpress, the popular open source CMS, to display upcoming events and hot topics in your Meetups.
  • WordPress Meetup Login Plugin Allows one click login to WordPress using Meetup account, and can be extended to allow custom API calls

To request inclusion in the above listings, make a Pull Request (please maintain language then library name alphabetical order). Remember that third-party applications and sites must use OAuth-based authentication to access the Meetup API. Please immediately report any violations to

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