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{ battle of the braces }

Round 1: JavaScripts


The first of the first. This is the first of a series of future hackathon hosted by meetup.com. Each hackathon is centered around a core set of languages where developers can show off what makes their platform awesome. This hackathon is centered around all things JS.

In order to participate, Please RSVP on Meetup


Winners of the JS hackathon will advance to the grand finale to battle it out with the best PHP, Ruby and Python hackers in NYC. Prizes will be given for best overall hack, and most supporting startups are also offering awards for best use of their company's API. Hacker movie marathon! We'll screen movies back-to-back in part of the space, for those of you who code better with a dose of entertainment. The hackathon will culminate in beers on the Meetup HQ roofdeck. And remember, the winner of the entire tournament will be awarded a demo spot at the NY Tech Meetup!


Our first challenge goes out to the fast-growing JavaScript community. With expanding functionality like web workers and WebGL, browser scripting has never been more powerful, and server-side JavaScript is making a huge comeback. (Yes, a comeback: we remember Netscape Enterprise Server.) Whether you do front-end, back-end, or full-stack, if JavaScript runtimes are your thing, show our panel of judges what you can do. CoffeeScript, ClojureScript, and everything else that complies to JavaScript is welcome in the ring.

Hack on your most far fetched ideas with like-minded engineers, then enjoy drinks on the roof of Meetup HQ while the judges deliberate. You might win a wonderful prize and the chance to come back and compete in the grand finale, and you will definitely score some free food, drinks, and good company.


  • 9am Doors, un-groggify-ing, chow
  • 9:30 API demos
  • 10-9 Hacking
  • 1pm Chow
  • 6pm More chow and beers
  • 9-10pm Hack presentations
  • 10-11 Rooftop drinks + winner announcements


  • Have an idea or team put together? List it on the hack page